Urge Kim Kardashian to Stop Wearing FUR!



March 14, 2015 - Kim Woodward


To the attention of Kim Kardashian and All animal Lovers

This petition is simple, we need to urge Kim Kardashian to stop wearing Fur. It’s 2015 people, this is not fashionable nor is it necessary!

This is what she commented on her latest Facebook photo:

Yesterday’s look- my new obsession is this Givenchy fur coat!!! Wolford sheer turtleneck, Proenza skirt & Givenchy boots


Stop this madness, and help me save animal’s lives but reducing our fur footprint! Sign the Petition!

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1,522 signatures

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Latest Signatures
1,522Amelia LiberatoYou care nothing for no one but yourself. That's why you wear fur. Innocent animals die to make your coats. You are a sickening piece of trash!Feb 04, 2017
1,521Ursula Werner Dec 28, 2016
1,520Ana GambettaDec 11, 2016
1,519Leslie PfostDec 11, 2016
1,518Annie BrockNov 28, 2016
1,517Kim PramanikNov 02, 2016
1,516jenny ablanSep 09, 2016
1,515Candace BollingerSHE DOESN'T CARE, SHE'S A SOCIOPATH!Sep 03, 2016
1,514Lora Dunham You want people to like you even after you're too old to be considered fashion icon and do something good instead of just being a blood sucking bitch!!! They torture and kill hundreds of animals to make your fucking coats!Aug 14, 2016
1,513LISA FRIZZELLAug 14, 2016
1,512Jodi IgardJul 16, 2016
1,511Claudia HonigsztejnJul 11, 2016
1,510Rita DunnJun 12, 2016
1,509karin haberthuerlady,there is fake fur,wear it and you are on a good way for being humanJun 09, 2016
1,508jen pedrazzettiMay 29, 2016
1,507Nicola TillettMay 23, 2016
1,506Liz Merchant It’s 2016 , fur is not fashionable nor is it necessary, unless you live in Russia May 22, 2016
1,505Montserrat Jacobson May 22, 2016
1,504Chris MurphyMay 20, 2016
1,503Fátima FreireMay 20, 2016
1,502Mike ProctorSkin her ass and see how she would like it. Rich scumbag. May 19, 2016
1,501Avril AndersonMay 13, 2016
1,500sandra venturaKim, use your power to help not hurt animals that are treated so very bad and murdered for those coats...Take a stand against the murder for fashion.May 12, 2016
1,499mary alphaMay 11, 2016
1,498sofi daglarMay 10, 2016
1,497Dolores MargarideMay 10, 2016
1,496athinais panagakiMay 10, 2016
1,495carmela cappelierMay 09, 2016
1,494Sylvia WesselsMay 09, 2016
1,493Evelyn DominguezMay 08, 2016
1,492catherine smockMay 07, 2016
1,491Maria FernandezMay 06, 2016
1,490ritu singhMay 06, 2016
1,489Maisie MaddisonThe original owners of the skins are the beautiful ones You my dear look even more riddiculous karma will repay sometime Im sure I expect oneday youll look in the mirror and youll see an ugly bitch with no morals. takes a lot of bitches to make the coat but only ONE BITCH to wear it Grow up woman !May 04, 2016
1,488Lesley HobmanApr 30, 2016
1,487anthony fergusonApr 29, 2016
1,486Elizabeth JonesI love you Kim, you are such a beautiful sweet kind woman, but have you any idea of the excruciating pain you cause wild animals, caged in tiny spaces, often skinned alive while still breathing without being killed first? Fur mostly comes from China where there are no animal rights. Please do some research, and act with your heart to spare innocent, feeling, living creatures. Apr 28, 2016
1,485marie-francoise perchepiedApr 26, 2016
1,484Jelena BodunovaApr 26, 2016
1,483stacey comeauxthat dumb bitch is heartless when it comes to animals.I can only imagine how she could treat kanyes kids any better knowing he'san animal!! Apr 26, 2016
1,482Michaela EliasovaApr 26, 2016
1,481sedef aslaApr 25, 2016
1,480chang mulyreal fur..fake breast?? shame on you bitch!! plastic surgery all of her body!Apr 25, 2016
1,479AMBAR PEREZApr 23, 2016
1,478Valérie rodriguezApr 22, 2016
1,477galina shlikovaApr 20, 2016
1,476Rusbee LegueleckApr 20, 2016
1,475anny pingenApr 20, 2016
1,474Janssens JanssensApr 19, 2016
1,473David AndrewsApr 19, 2016

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