Kimberly Woodward – Animal Rights Activist

Hello dear friends and Animal Lovers,

My name is Kimberly Woodward, but everyone calls me Kim. I was born and raised in Johnson City, Tennessee by two amazing parents, who did everything for the proper upbringing. Since high-school I fell in love with the English language and also wanted to visit Paris, the City of Light. So I was in heaven when I found out that I was accepted for a scholarship at Sorbonne University. The time spent in Paris really helped me open my eyes, made me more responsible and mature. I returned to native Tennessee, because I simply missed being home. Many people told me I was crazy. I spent all of my life teaching at a local high school, giving the children the chance to understand the beauty of the English language. This is my most meaningful accomplishment thus far.

I recently came in contact with some acquaintances that were into rescue organizations / charities. I learned a lot from them and they opened my eyes to all the abuse and mistreatment animals all over the world are enduring at the moment. Because of my health problems, I was not able go on the field and physically help the voiceless as much as I would. I thus couldn’t keep up with the work of all these wonderful people.

So this is when I decided to create my own petition platform. I feel that I can make a difference. But why would anyone take my petitions into account, where there are so many great petition websites and petitioners out there?

I will personally write each petition on the website and deliver it to the authorities. I am willing to dedicate all my time to this, thanks to my lovely husband and children, who fully support my decision.

I will petition everything about animals that doesn’t seem right to me. I will try to help them as much as I can. Be a true advocate. Be their voice. So if you want, I am more than happy to have you on board. Your support would mean the world to me, because if we are to succeed, we must stick together.

I am open to any sort of advice and suggestions. Get in touch with me anytime. We can work together.  I am willing to go to great lengths to fight animal abuse.

Thank you for supporting me,


I have set up a Facebook page for all animal lovers to share petitions on: Kim’s Petitions

And this is my personal Facebook page: Kimberly Woodward

i love animals (1)

i love animals (1)

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  • Segundo Asensio Suarez says:

    gracias por el trabajo que realizas por todos.

  • Hello. I just wanted to say how really impressed I am with your effort and your site. Well done. I mean, really. Well done. Bravo! I’m bookmarking this site to have in my favorites. These days, and I’m sort of an old guy. And alone, since my beloved late wife, Aileen died from liver cancer in 2010. I spend most of my day carrying on the human rights work that my darling Aileen and I did for 18 years together, and that I have been doing, on my own since high school. So, as I said, I’ll be bookmarking your wonderful site. Your parents must be so proud of you. I know, well, my daughter is 35 now, living in Georgia. And I can say, as a parent, you are definitely on the right track. Happy holidays to you and your family. Good energy to you and your family and high hopes for happiness and good health always.

  • Thanks so much! I have a petition group and we all do what we can. Wonderful site.

  • yvette vivier says:

    Please add me to your list. I hate animal cruelty, I have 2 dogs myself & they are my babies & they know it.

  • Maggy Genc says:

    Thank you very much for your petitionsite.

  • R Alexander says:

    Pleased to meet you !

  • Lizette Maas says:

    Goodmorning,,just stumbled on your website, looks good…just missing one thing..why isn’t your website secured like others??? Since we all put our private data on here it should be….Hope I will get an answer on this. Greetings Lizette

  • ingrid ruiz-meijer says:

    Hello Kim
    Nice to meet you. I think I have seen you before with another petition. This took my attention. Dogs alive
    Do you mean they eat the dogs rauw starting for example by the brains what is happening with little monkeys. Soo disgusting. I sign average 20or more petitions every day. I am a real animal lover. I wilk help you with the petitions. Better to tag me because so many messages in the newd and some I miss. Wish you all the best also for all the animals. .Love to you

  • Kim Harris says:

    Thank you Kim for your wonderful service to help all living beings ~ you’re an Angel! <3

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  • Michele A Jordan says:

    Would you please add me to your group? I think the work you are doing is wonderful. I am a volunteer for a rescue group. We just celebrated our 8th year of rescue. We have saved over 4000 dogs in that time. Oh and some cats. We are an all volunteer based rescue. All in home rescue. All our dogs are fully vetted, spayed/neutered and chipped before being adopted. We go even further by doing background checks and home visits before any of our dogs and puppies leave our foster homes. We even ask for the name of you veterinarian if you have a pet in your home now and we speak with them. We have all family members meet the perspective dog along with any dog that you have in your home to make sure it’s a perfect fit. Yes, we have a lot of rules but we want to make sure that everybody is safe and happy. I for one have kept in contact over the years with quite a few of my former fosters and their family’s. It is the most rewarding volunteer job. I also have 2 dogs that are part of my family that I got thru this rescue. One is a big pit mastiff mix male and one is a boxer mix female. My male I got at around 2 yrs of age in terrible shape malnourished and frightened and had a lot of problems that needed to be worked out. Now he is the best friend a woman could have. He loves everybody. My boxer was 7wks when she arrived she had a broken leg. She is now 4 yrs and sweet as sugar. I have driven down to Missouri to meet a transport coming from further south to bring back a load of puppies and adult dogs. So you see Kim I’m right by your side when it comes to animal cruelty. I will fight the fight until there is no fight left to fight. That is a saying I use I know it’s wordy but I like it. I gave you a little bit about me just in hopes that you will allow me to help you any way that I can. I’m Michele from Wisconsin thank you for everything you do for the love of the animals.

  • Adeline Ng says:

    Your call for petition regarding dogs slaughtered alive in Bali, Indonesia.

    I am Asian and I sign not because I’m a vegan and an animal advocate, but I agree that these gastronomic practices are both babaric and inhumane. As conventional wise adults as we all are, we all are aware that Asia does not only constitute tiny Bali. Your comments on Asian people are both uncalled for and discriminative let alone immature. If you want people to be “united in this and form a better society around the wold” and to sign and share your petition, know that Asia forms part of the world as well. As fellow animal advocates, fewer animals might be saved or be reached out in time due to your choice of lesser delectable words and they will suffer. I understand and your pain and frustration, but if mankind must lead by example, we must propel our race forward, not discriminate. All our animal friends of the world need us to be together in this now more than ever.

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